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SEO and Internet Marketing

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Search engine optimization is definitely not a one-time activity simply because search engines rankings are constantly changing. For example, if you have a site about carpet cleaning listed on Google page one, make sure you stay in touch with latest SEO news. Otherwise, your site will be on page one only for a month. In [...]

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Simple Guide to SEO

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Search engine optimization or SEO (as it is often referred to as) is an ongoing process of optimizing a website in relation to how high up it appears in major search engine rankings. When experts talk about search engine optimization, they usually focus on Google. On the other hand, most of the rules discussed here [...]

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Successful Pay Per Click Campaign in a Nutshell

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Pay per click advertising (or simply PPC) is an online marketing term that refers to online advertising schemes, for example Google AdWords. Pay per click ad units are relatively small text-based ads that show up on search engines results. PPC tools only charge you if your ad is clicked, and visitors are redirected to your [...]

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