How to Design a Mommy Blog for Free

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So you got yourself a domain and hosting and not sure what to do next. Someone mentioned WordPress? Of course, you already asked the hosting support guy to install it for you but what no one told you is that straight after that you will find yourself staring at sidebar tabs and not knowing what [...]

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Online Marketing Basics

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Since last three decades E-marketing or online marketing is an issue of concern for the marketers from various parts of globe. Especially after 90s this topic is catching attention of researchers due to its distinctive advantages like cost effectiveness, high level of interaction and response of customers. Not only marketing nut major strategic areas are [...]

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Email Marketing Basics

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In any online business, presentation is the key. Your email marketing campaign speaks a great deal about your company and its services or products. Make optimum use of every email marketing tool you adopt to leave the best impression on your potential customers. Take care of even the smallest details. Avoid Spamming Your Potential Customers [...]

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Google SEO Tools

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These days, people browse the World Wide Web to get all sorts of information. As you are very well aware of, one of the easiest ways to get information is by using Google. By using this search engine, Internet users can collect specific information in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, e-business owners [...]

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SEO and Internet Marketing

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Search engine optimization is definitely not a one-time activity simply because search engines rankings are constantly changing. For example, if you have a site about carpet cleaning listed on Google page one, make sure you stay in touch with latest SEO news. Otherwise, your site will be on page one only for a month. In [...]

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Simple Guide to SEO

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Search engine optimization or SEO (as it is often referred to as) is an ongoing process of optimizing a website in relation to how high up it appears in major search engine rankings. When experts talk about search engine optimization, they usually focus on Google. On the other hand, most of the rules discussed here [...]

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Successful Pay Per Click Campaign in a Nutshell

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Pay per click advertising (or simply PPC) is an online marketing term that refers to online advertising schemes, for example Google AdWords. Pay per click ad units are relatively small text-based ads that show up on search engines results. PPC tools only charge you if your ad is clicked, and visitors are redirected to your [...]

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How to Implement Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

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As soon as you have created a list of relevant keywords, you can start planning how to implement them into your site structure. For each and every page in your site you should be looking to optimize for no more than four or five keywords as a maximum. Using too many keywords can (and most [...]

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SEO for Dummies, and even those that are not!

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When it comes to SEO, everyone assumes that you know everything about it. They throw around all sorts of terms, trying to impress you, but you often feel as if you're in some other dimension where English isn't English any more. And you certainly don't want to seem as if you don't know what they [...]

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