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Email Marketing Basics

In any online business, presentation is the key. Your email marketing campaign speaks a great deal about your company and its services or products. Make optimum use of every email marketing tool you adopt to leave the best impression on your potential customers. Take care of even the smallest details.

Avoid Spamming Your Potential Customers

It’s very important that you understand how to avoid being regarded as a spammer by your potential customers and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • Having a good reputation with Internet Service Providers. This is built up over time. However, choosing a reliable software company to deliver your emails goes a very long way towards this.
  • Never use words that are usually found in spam emails. “Gratis” and “best” are good examples. However, there are a lot of others that you should not use in your emails.
  • Providing an unsubscribe link (or equivalent) in your email that is clearly visible and has an easy opt-out feature is very important for your company’s image. A user may only want to unsubscribe their work email account, but want to continue receiving emails from you with a personal email address. Unclear or conditional opt-out feature will your authority and ultimately cost you a sale.
  • Make sure you do not use capital letters in all parts of the email, since this can be caught by spam filters. What’s more, it is not polite to shout.
  • Also, exclamation marks can and will be caught by spam filters, so make sure you avoid them if possible.

    Tracking Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    Once you have composed your email using best practices, picked your target list and sent your campaign, you have to know exactly how it is performed.

    Below are systems with proven tracking capabilities. With the data collected by the email software, and in tandem with your website analytics, you will be able to target the right customers. Eventually, this will save you a lot of money. These systems have too many tracking features to list here. So, here are the important ones:

    1. Delivery rates. Delivery rates are ratios of emails successfully delivered divided by total number of emails sent.
    2. Open rates. Open rates are the percentage of prospects, minus the hard bounces, who have opened your email, out of the total list you have sent it to. They are the first clue to the health of your campaign.
    3. Number of forwards. It is important to know the number of people who used your campaign’s send-to-a-friend option.
    4. Number of replies. You can quickly see what kind of a response your email marketing campaign is generating through the number of replies.


    Knowing When to Send Your Emails

    This is actually down to the type of business you run. For instance, a coffee shop should send an email out on a Friday or Sunday afternoon in time for payday in the weekend, or a pizza delivery restaurant should send an email on Tuesday morning, to offer a new menu.

    Frequency and Number of Emails

    Both the frequency and number of emails you send should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Of course, trial-and-error will reveal this information to you over time.

    Ongoing Contact with Your Customers and Prospects

    Whether you send out an email once a day or once a week, making sure that you keep in touch with your customers and prospects is very important for your success. Luckily, there are tools that will take most of the pain out of this for you. In other words, the beauty of all email marketing is that once you have a good list you can set-up autoresponders. An autoresponder is a really powerful email marketing tool. It is used to automatically send out emails to people on your mailing list. You should configure your software so that your prospects get delivered carefully selected series of emails. Each email should contain a new offer or information from you. This gives you many different opportunities. A broadcast is where you select all or part of your customer list and send an email to them with a relevant offer.

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