5 April 2015
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Get a Website Done in 30 Minutes – Part 1

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You just started you company and expenses have already drained your budget or you’re planning on starting a blog to start making money online, so now you’re wondering how in the earth will you ever get enough money to pay $1500 for a website. Well we just came up with a solution! Even if you still don’t have a domain name or hosting it is ok. Heck, maybe you even have no idea what hosting actually is. Well you’re in the right place as we are going to explain it all step-by-step!

Getting a Domain Name

Getting a domain name can turn out to be much more complicated than you originally thought. Searching for ‘buy a domain’ complicates things even more as you will get 234 million results and dozens of attractive and unfortunately sometimes even misleading ads.

Visiting GoDaddy (this is not a sponsored nor affiliate link) simplifies things as this is one of the most reputable internet domain registrars out there. What I especially like about them is their user-friendly domain search interface. I’ve been designing websites and buying domains for over 10 years and know all the tricks, checked out pretty much all domain registrars out there and know exactly where to “type in” the domain I want to buy. But still whenever I’m getting a domain name for myself or my clients I go to GoDaddy and get what I need.

Next step is choosing a domain name, so here are two tips that will make this process a lot faster and easier:

  • Choose a domain name under 30 characters. At a first glance it may seem like a good idea to get a www.bestplumbingservicesinnewyorkcity.com but is it really a good idea to get a domain name this long? The answer is simple: No it’s not. For small business owners wanting to rank fairly quickly a descriptive domain name that includes main keywords is a good idea. In our case that would be www.plumbingservicesnyc.com. An aspiring blogger can also use this approach and go with a domain name that includes his main keywords regardless of whether it’s ‘design’ or ‘diets.’
  • No hyphens. It’s much easier to type in a domain name that contains only letters and Google loves user friendly stuff in general.


If you by any chance listened to my advice and are now getting a domain on GoDaddy you might notice that they offer hosting services too. So do you go ahead and take it? I mean – why not kill two birds with one stone?! Not in this case. What you need is Hostgator (note that this is an affiliate link) and their Hatchling package. This package will enable you to host one website but you can switch to a new package anytime – and the support guys will do that for you. Now that I mentioned support I may as well lay out the main reason why Hostgator is better than GoDaddy and pretty much all hosting providers out there. It’s their unmatched live chat and email support.

So what do you get with this live support? First of all, you can ask them to install WordPress for you. Also, if you crash your website by installing a poorly coded plugin that’s your fault, right? Their support team will fix it anyway and they will get your site up and running again straight away. Of course, do not think of this as an invite to abuse the good nature of their support team.

Second reason why you should choose Hostgator is because its cPanel is user-friendly and even if you are a beginner, although I do not recommend that, you can probably get away with using Hostgator’s cPanel. For example, this means that you will be able to easily open email accounts by yourself. It will just take some time to figure it out.


You already asked Hostgator’s support guys to install WordPress for you, right? If you still haven’t, go ahead and do it. You will get an email with username and password.

That’s it, now you have a website and you’re ready to customize it to make it stand out. Stay tuned as in Part 2 we will explain how to design your website for free and without any knowledge of WordPress and/or photo editing software.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a question in the comments below. We guarantee to reply within hours!

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