How to Design a Mommy Blog for Free

//How to Design a Mommy Blog for Free
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How to Design a Mommy Blog for Free

So you got yourself a domain and hosting and not sure what to do next. Someone mentioned WordPress? Of course, you already asked the hosting support guy to install it for you but what no one told you is that straight after that you will find yourself staring at sidebar tabs and not knowing what to do next. All those other mom blogs look so cool with their cute logos and awesome banners and you only have three themes – Twenty Ten, Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen – and they all look, well not pretty.

What do you do now? Do you go and buy a premium WordPress theme and pay $150 for a logo? Luckily you do not have to do that believe it or not you can make a nice looking mom blog using one of three basic WordPress themes and create your own logo and other graphics. And no, you do not need Photoshop nor do you have to be a talented designer as you can do all that for free using a couple of open-source online tools.

If by any chance you’re still stuck at getting a domain name, choosing hosting or installing WordPress check out this article.

First of all let’s do a nice looking logo. We can do this using which enables you to create a logo within minutes.

online logo maker

  1. From the left hand side select “Add Text.” Popup screen will show up immediately and here you can type in the name of your blog. In my case it’s going to be “Sunset Mom.” Don’t worry about the font you’re using and the color as you can change that later. Hit the blue ‘OK’ button and as soon as you do that your logo will appear on the main screen. Neuropol font family is the default one and to change it search for the “Text Format” box. Don’t think about the font too much at this stage. You can always change it once you choose the icon in order to find the best match.
  2. To add an icon click on the “Add Symbol” tab in the top left hand side. There are many icons you can choose from that no matter how picky you are – you will find something you like. Icons are neatly organized into categories so finding the one you want is very simple.
  3. Click on the logo to select it and re-position/resize.
  4. Now comes the fun part; choosing the right font and color for your logo can be challenging but it’s certainly a fun thing to do.
  5. Once you’re happy with the color you may want to think about adding a bit of shadow to your logo. Not only does it make it look 3D but adding shadow is the easiest way to make a logo pop – especially if you are using an image as a background for the logo.
  6. Once you are done designing just hit the “Download Logo” tab and you just got yourself your very own logo!

It’s time to spice up things! Go to as here you will be designing your own banner. Since I’m going to use ‘Twenty Twelve’ theme I’m going to enter ‘960’ and ‘250’ in the width and height fields. These are actually the proportions of the header banner.

online banner maker

  1. Once you enter the editor you can add your logo first by clicking on the “Add Photos” – “Computer” tab in the right hand side corner. After you upload it drag and drop your logo to the canvas. As soon as you do that a popup screen with all the tools you will need will show. Repeat the process and add your photo to use as a background – preferably a wide/panoramic style photo. You can also further spice it up by adding, for example a slogan.
  2. If your logo seems too big here you can resize it. Don’t hesitate to try out other tools such as “Merge” and “Opacity.” They are especially useful if you’re using multiple images and icons.
  3. Click “Save.”

Now it’s time to upload our new banner and see if all our hard work paid off.

mom blog design

With just a bit of creativity and with the help of two free online tools we managed to turn this plain looking theme into a beautiful mommy blog. Just keep in mind that graphics can make your blog look beautiful but high quality content will make your visitors come again.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will reply ASAP.

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