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SEO and Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is definitely not a one-time activity simply because search engines rankings are constantly changing. For example, if you have a site about carpet cleaning listed on Google page one, make sure you stay in touch with latest SEO news. Otherwise, your site will be on page one only for a month. In other words, search engine optimization is the name of the game in the e-business world. This is why search engine optimization isn’t a one-time activity. SEO is a never-ending and challenging process that requires a combination of business and creative thinking, extensive know-how and tight organization all the way through.

Understanding SEO

Those who wish to understand SEO have to understand how major search engines actually work.

  • What is a Search Engine? Search engines are nothing but huge database systems. Arguably, there are some larger data management systems in total storage, however, there‘s nothing close in query volume. So, if you wish to increase your website traffic, increasing your Google and Yahoo rankings must be your primary concern. If you somehow manage to improve your major search engine rankings, you will increase the amount of prospects your site receives. Of course, if you increase search engine traffic to you will make more money.
  • How Search Engines Work? Once your website is live search engines crawl it and automatically generate their listings. If you change your website or some pages, crawler will eventually find these changes, and that may affect your rank. The quality of the content, backlinks and some other elements all play a role in how search engines evaluate the rank of your website.
  • Ranking Websites on Search Engines

    Back in the old days, folks used to say that if you built a better mousetrap, the world would beat a path to your door.

    Perhaps the very first thing to understand is that search engines see nothing except words on your website. And when it comes to words and content, keep in mind that quality is the key. Also, you should know that despite the common belief, top-notch graphics, Flash and GIF animations are quite troublesome and completely irrelevant for search engines. What’s more, unless they are accompanied by descriptive text, none of major search engines recognize photos on your website.

    Holy Trinity of SEO: Quality Content, Backlinks and Social Networks

    Following are three things you can do to make your site search-engine friendly.

  • Keyword Rich Content or Quality Content? Back in the old days, most website owners cared more about keyword density and the length of their articles. While this was a good short-term strategy, it had a ripple effect on the long run. This SEO strategy is still used by some Internet marketers. However, most website owners realized that search engine spiders will never again buy poor quality stuff.
  • Backlinking. Optimizing your website for a term relevant to your online business and making ensuring it has a right keyword density will not get your website on page one of Google and Yahoo. The website that get ranked the highest are those that have authority in search engine’s eyes under that search term. And authority is achieved through backlinks. The process is pretty simple. If an authority website links to your website, then it will be transformational in the benefits it will bring to your authority.
  • Social Networks. As the Internet changes, it is no longer safe to assume your potential customers are getting their daily dose of information only from mainstream media. They may be browsing websites such as StumbleUpon, which rate news items by how many votes they receive. If you are serious about succeeding in online business and getting wealthy, a specialized social media site such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will be more influential than the New York Times.
  • The Bottom Line

    You need to learn to be patient. SEO takes time and results will not happen immediately. However, do not let this discourage you. Start off small and work your way up, and in a few months, Google will be completely under your spell.

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