What the heck is SEO anyways? And why do I need it?

What is SEO you ask? Great question! SEO is the process of getting your website noticed by search engines and eventually on 1st page, which is always the goal. Being on 1st page is like ultimately the end goal of SEO, so our focus, whether creating your site, or doing SEO, is to only do things that are in line with that goal in mind.

Why do you need SEO? Having a great website is a great start to your SEO efforts. We build sites that are optimized for getting to first page. The cookie cutter sites that you can get, are not able to be effectively optimized to get you to 1st page. Imagine having a store-front on Main Street in a large city. Your building and signage is the equivalent of your website. Your ability to be seen and located strategically for the greatest exposure is what SEO is all about. Having a store front at the end of a dead end road is analogous to having a great site and not doing SEO. Ask us how we can get you onto Main Street USA!

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