The Power of Email Marketing

//The Power of Email Marketing
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The Power of Email Marketing

It’s easy to see the benefits of email marketing. However, the real question is: How do you pick a right program? To advertise by email you need an email marketing system that is easy to use and reliable. Of course, there are a lot of systems on the market these days. However, you should use software with good support and reliable reputation. What’s more, a strong history of sending email to major email providers, for example Gmail and Yahoo, are also very important, since this can guarantee that your emails reach the prospects.

There are many different systems that you can sign up to and get started right away. However, without any research you can easily find itself in a problem.

How to Build a Profitable Customer List?

As soon as you are settled on a system that suits your requirements, it is important to look at how to create a customer database. This is where the profits will be hiding. To market to prospects effectively you have to have a receptive audience.

You might already have a database of customers that you have created over years. And this is a true gem! However, keep in mind that this data must be purified. Once you have chosen the program, my very first suggestion is to reintroduce your business with an enticing email.

What to Send Your Existing Contacts?

The email you send to reintroduce your company must contain an enticingly written update about your business and what you can offer the potential customer, and maybe even a special offer of some kind. This special offer can be a coupon code. Your offer will be something that fits in with your company and is enticing enough to get potential customers to your website.

The Opt-In link is by far one of the most important essential components. This link has to be clearly visible. By providing the Opt-In link you’re actually requesting permission to continue relevant information via email to them and staying within the legal boundaries set by The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive).So, your very first email must include an Opt-In link. Failure to provide this dramatically reduces your company’s credibility. As soon as you have completed this important step, you’ll than have a new group of prospects to get proactive with.

How to Attract New Customers

It is important to keep in mind that email marketing is not about disturbing people. The main aim is to build a large database through providing potential customers with constant and good information. If you do not stick to this goal your prospects will unsubscribe and you’ll most probably never see them again.

A good method for encouraging sign-ups is to offer a free downloadable report or access to an e-course in a form of YouTube videos or handouts. For this special offer to be attractive you should make it a visible on your site and as enticing as possible. Providing how-to tutorials, valuable information and coupon codes are great for steadily building a list of prospects for future conversion.

One other method is to offer a newsletter sign-up on your site. The point here is to make sure that there is an enticing hook to sign-up, simply because a free newsletter is usually not interesting for most people. It’ll help your cause only if you promise that you’ll be constantly sending them relevant information. Keep in mind that your prospects don’t care if you buy a new office chair. But they do care that they can get a special offer from you if they input a coupon code next time they purchase something from your site.

Finally, ensure that your email sign-up forms are quick and easy to fill in. Ask only for a name and email.

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