Attracting Targeted Visitors

//Attracting Targeted Visitors

Attracting Targeted Visitors

The World Wide Web has produced a brand new breed of buyers. 21st century buyers are experienced, independent and well informed. What’s more, they are overwhelmed with competing demands for both time and attention than they were ever before in the history.

Your target market could be a specific country or a group of countries, a set of buyers sharing common interests, a group in the same demographic, a specific customer or type of customer with special needs, a certain age group of people, etc. Once you know your brand you need to find out exactly how well it fits into the larger context of your market niche. In other words, your main task is to find out:

  • Who is your target audience? When you are just starting out you can take basically whatever business comes your way. On the other hand, if you really want to make money you should focus all of your efforts on the market niche you most want to work with. As soon as you start getting more and more business, you may be able to give up work you find less profitable, and focus your marketing efforts on customers and projects you find most profitable. So, your target audience is inevitably determined by profits that can be made.
  • What your target market is seeking in a product or service? It is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign to know as much as possible about the target audience. The more you know about their buying patterns, expressed preferences, possible influencers that trigger buying in them, reactions to advertising and marketing, etc. In other words, if you know what tickles you will be able to give them what they really want.
  • What search phrases your target market might type into search engines to find you? The most popular keywords return thousands of results. Top rankers for those search terms are market leaders. Sad but true, those companies have both money to spend and know-how to beat you. So, it is not a smart idea to compete against them for such search terms. Instead, focus on keywords overlooked by big players.
  • Who are your main competitors? You have to ask yourself basic questions on profitability, for example, what your competitors are doing? The more information you have on which to base your key decisions, the more likely you’re going to increase your share of market.
  • What industry websites your target visitors like and what industry publications do they read? Major industry websites dictate trends in every sector of society, and your business is no exception. Stick to your unique offer but listen to your target market to adjust your brand to fit consumers’ requirements.
  • What your web statistics look like now, and what you want them to look like? Both current and historical web statistics of your site are a good starting point for determining what the user wants.
  • What motivates your target market? At the heart of your online business is one main goal – to motivate your customers to respond in the way you want them to. If this task is not accomplished, it does not matter how unique your brand or marketing mix is. You want your customers to participate in your online marketing endeavor.

These questions will help you understand your ultimate goal in a clear way and, most importantly, you will be in a much better position to optimize your site.

Knowing your target audience will help you to match your brand, your promise of value, what makes your brand really stand out from the rest. Just keep in mind that attracting targeted audience isn’t about tricking Google into ranking your website better. It is a research process. And the better you do your research, the greater success you’ll have in both attracting Internet users to your website and making sure that your target visitors are satisfied with what they find once they get to your site.

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