Understanding Search Engine Marketing

//Understanding Search Engine Marketing

Understanding Search Engine Marketing

If you’re advertising your online business, one-time project or blog, your main goal is to get found on page one of major search engines and build an authority presence in your market of choice. Yes, this is search engine marketing in a broad context. The main aims of any online marketing campaign are:

  • High ranking in major search engines. Internet marketers call it visibility. As already mentioned, your main goal is to be listed near the top on the page one of search engine result pages (SERPs). The process of accomplishing this objective is often referred to as SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Attracting qualified or targeted visitors to your website. In online marketing terms, this is known as leads.
  • Selling your products or services. At the end of the day, it all comes down to sales.
  • Long term relationships with prospects. Long term means more sales and less stress.

In today’s competitive world of e-marketing, the importance of online presence has triggered the nervousness of vigorous competition, which opened online business owners to the idea of shifting from 20th century marketing campaigns to innovative, 21st century e-marketing strategies.

No, traditional marketing techniques are not dead. These techniques are still used, together with online marketing methods. They include inside sales (for example, cold calling and telemarketing) and outside sales (going to different places to sell products or services in person).

Internet marketing techniques include:

  • Getting your site to rank high in major search engines, otherwise known as SEO. As you see, SEO can be defined in various ways, but the essence is high ranking in search engine result pages.
  • Buying advertising through major search engine PPC (pay per click) programs. PPC is considered to be the most cost-efficient strategy for getting high ranking in search engines.
  • Maximizing your website presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+1. Most social networking websites have lost active users, but Twitter, Facebook and Google+1 have bucked that negative trend.
  • Optimizing your landing page in order to make more sales. Once you attract a potential customer, you will want the entire experience to be positive. Ultimately, you want your potential customers to buy your products or services. The very last thing you want is for someone to visit your website, but leave immediately. And this will happen if you fail to optimize your landing page.

The Impact of Google Page Rank on Search Engine Marketing

Most people consider Google page rank to be the most significant factor that impacts SERPs. However, this is only partially true. Page rank is important, but Google uses a lot of other factors to determine which websites to show in its search results, such as content, keywords in the domain name, backlinks and the age of the site.

Making Sure That Prospects Find Your Website

Ensuring that everyone on the Internet who is searching for your products or services finds you is critical to your online business profitability. The process of achieving this goal, known as keyword dominance, often includes:

  • Designing a search engine optimized and user friendly website by implementing specific natural keyword proximity and including relevant search engine optimization elements into a site. This is known as on-page optimization.
  • Online sharing and collaboration, inducing social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+1), wikis and video-sharing websites (YouTube, Metacafe and Break) to spread the word about your online business among your prospects.
  • Making your site credible to major search engines. This is considered to be the most important step in search engine optimization. The key to making this right is obtaining inbound links from as many websites as possible. Presence on forums and communities related to your market niche is also important, but not as important as getting backlinks from high page rank websites.

Of course, there are many other strategies you use to expand your online business and boost profits. But, traditional, along with online marketing strategies should be part of your online business’s marketing foundation. If you invest some time to understand search engine marketing, profits will be guaranteed.

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