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Professional with 10+ years of experience in SEO and all aspects of digital marketing and eCommerce.

About Me

About Me

SEO Professional and Digital Marketing Strategist

My name is Branislav Nikolic and I’m an SEO, digital marketing and eCommerce specialist based in United Kingdom with 10+ years of experience. Through years of working with both big and small eCommerce and media companies, I have gained valuable knowledge and insight into the challenges of building a strong online presence.

I believe that a trustworthy partner, who can provide you with expert advice and manage your website according to your needs is essential for the success of any business. Simply respecting client’s concrete ideas and goals with regard to the management of your website, and a standard SEO solution is inadequate. You want to have your business specifics taken into consideration.

I have always followed a disciplined organic growth approach – avoiding over-analysis, defining boundaries, modernizing, and applying a healthy dose of skepticism in my decisions – and this digital marketing philosophy serves me well today, as it has in the past.

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Jeff Maietta

My only regret was the thousands I wasted and not finding Pro SEO 4U sooner! Thank you Branislav! Jeff Maietta, small business owner, Maine, United States

Jonas Nyström

I have consulted Branislav many times, mostly as a freelancer building WordPress sites/applications for external clients. Branislav is incredibly coherent. He quickly evaluates/realizes your needs and always envisions – and implements – the best possible solution; usually way more efficient and clever than you had ever imagined yourself. Branislav is fast yet thorough, reliable and utmost professional. I will keep contracting him for as long as he decides to stay in business. Jonas Nyström, Digital Nomad, Sweden

Brian Savic

Branislav has built over 5 websites for me to showcase my new product launches and services offers and I just keep coming back to him for 3 simple reasons. Outstanding quality of work, reliability and great communication. Always over delivers. Brian Savic, Newcastle, Australia



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Ask me! I love questions. I am happy to look at your site, give you an honest opinion, and see if I can help. I answer all emails and encourage questions – shouldn’t this be the norm, not the exception? I believe so.